Laying a Strong Foundation for Your Practice

Laying a Strong Foundation for Your Practice

  We’ve learned that the things we focus on become our reality. It also stands to reason that the foundations we lay in our business (our business focus) also create our reality. Building or growing a practice is no easy task – it requires huge effort and commitment. However, with a strong foundation in place, it becomes inifinitely easier. A meticulously conceived and well executed approach can set you on your path to even greater success. The key is to lay a foundation that will sustain your business through the difficult times. Through the twists and turns that are inherent within any practice with a desire to expand. Having a plan and a vision is important. Implementing the right strategy is important, as it becomes your ‘roadmap’. But strong foundations are more than big-picture strategies. Strong foundations are built on a proactive mindset. A mindset that constantly searches for ‘a better way’. So, what are the key things you need to pay close attention to when you are laying the foundations in your practice that will support your future or continued growth?


Setting your strategy in business is all about identifying where you want to be and how you want your practice to look in the future. Your strategy will then guide your action plans.


We know that having a clear vision of where you want to be and actually getting there are two very different things. So, investing time and effort in sorting out sensible action plans and key projects will help you get from ‘here’ to ‘there’. Your Action Plans become your roadmap to your destination.


If you’re not growing, you’re dying. The type of growth you may choose to undertake might encompass anything from creating a powerful local marketing action plan to identifying how you and your team can grow and develop as leaders and communicators. GROWTH means always learning and always moving forward.


Start with the end in mind! If you’re not preparing yourself and your practice for ‘what’s next’, you will undoubtedly be caught unprepared in the future. Unprepared to take advantage of an opportunity. Unprepared to weather an unexpected situation. Finishing Strong means you can move to the next stage of your life (whatever that looks like) on YOUR terms.

If your intent is to just ‘grow a practice’, chances are – without a plan – what you put in place may collapse as quickly as it went up. If your intent is to build something great with the potential of tremendous growth, you need to lay a solid foundation. Once you lay a strong foundation, eventually everything will start to click and IF a storm hits, you and your practice will be able to survive it and get back to ‘normal’ much faster. If we can help you in ANY of these areas, reach out. We’re happy to chat anytime.


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