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It is very important us that our clients have access to professional investment advice and a high-quality investment process. We have evaluated various providers, and Accordia has emerged as our provider of choice. Their overall structure and governance processes are very much aligned with our own. We also share a very similar philosophy when it comes to client care and personal service.

When the leadership team at Gener8 were investigating how we could work with a financial planning and investment firm, we were impressed with a few specific aspects of Accordia’s structure and processes:

  • They have resourced their operation to focus on a dedicated investment portfolio management team with excellent experience and credentials, along with experience at a senior level within a large banking environment.
  • The company is well-resourced at the administration and compliance level.
  • All advisers at Accordia are Authorised Financial Advisers, and they work within managed internal standards of best practice, which include those set by regulation and legislation.

What all this means to YOU - our clients - is you can rest assured that you will be dealing with a highly competent professional who is backed up by robust compliance and administration support.

Who Is ACCORDIA & What Do They Do?

  • Accordia is a specialist Investment Management organisation. They provide clients with investment solutions structured to their personal situation and lifestyle requirements, while making sure that an appropriate investment risk budget is established beforehand. They do not provide any other financial services.
  • Accordia has engaged a specialist investment company, Caliber Investment Limited, as manager of the Accordia Portfolios.
    • Caliber’s chief investment officer has well over 20 years’ experience and has been responsible for the management funds in excess of $5.5 Billion of funds for a large banking group in New Zealand.
    • Other portfolio managers within Caliber also have backgrounds in large financial institutions in New Zealand and overseas.
    • Caliber follows a comprehensive research and investment process using global best practice which produces solid and sustainable long-term portfolios for our clients.
  • Accordia’s Board of Directors oversees the investment management process to make sure that it is always aligned to its long- term policy goals.
  • Investment portfolios are held by an independent trustee, the Public Trust. No person from Accordia, or Caliber or any other party can deal or transact your investments directly.

The team at Gener8 invest many years working with our clients as they progress through their business lives. When the time comes that they wish to enjoy the benefits of their hard work, it is vital that that this stage of life is as well-planned as possible. We specialise in working with you to plan a smooth transition from work to a retirement lifestyle, and Accordia are supporting us to help you achieve financial security.


A Few Notes About Investing:

Investing successfully over the long term is not easy. Preserving wealth and achieving investment goals is a challenge for even the most astute investor. Below are a few of the challenges investors face over the lifetime of their investment.

It starts with you.

  • Identify your objectives - It may seem fundamental, but it’s crucial to know your major goal and how that will be achieved via a set of objectives. Your major goal could be to be financially secure. For trustees, it’s about ensuring the needs of the beneficiaries are met for the term of the trust. The time horizon for when some or all of your money will be spent is a critical factor. There are lots of others. Investments must be structured to match your major goal and objectives.
  • Assess your capacity for risk - Accordia helps evaluate the level of risk you are prepared to tolerate and have the capacity for. Depending on your needs, you will want to opt for a strategy which offers the appropriate mix of assets.
  • Once the first 2 points have been properly explored, the groundwork is laid for being able to select the right sorts of investments.

Establishing relationships of trust with an investment firm and adviser is critical to your investment success. Why? – you must know your ‘enemies'.

  • Opinions - people often fall into the trap of thinking they have done their research when they are really only getting opinions. Opinions can be biased and lack substantiation. There is no substitute for real, professional research.
  • Concentration risk - it may be fine to have a dabble with a small amount of money but, if it’s your life savings, professional investment management that produces results over many years is required. The first principle of professional investment management deals with ‘concentration risk’ or diversification to avoiding having too many eggs in one basket.
  • The static trap - investments require constant monitoring and review. ‘Set and forget’ simply doesn’t work. The core drivers of investment performance of every type of asset change over time, so it’s essential to have a process of on-going risk management, monitoring and review.
  • Trying to ‘beat the market’ - the market is a zero sum game. For every buyer there’s a seller and the market has to balance at end of the day. Studies show that active funds underperform the market. If the market is hard to beat, then you need enough assets to benefit from market-like returns.
  • Staying invested over the time horizon – a long-term investment horizon demands a long-term focus. Investment returns don’t happen in a linear fashion. Sometimes, a great deal of patience is called for to achieve the returns markets offer. Once you have identified your objectives, matched your investments to your risk budget and engaged competent professionals, you need to stay focussed on your time horizon and stay invested.

Important Note: This paper provides general information and does not constitute specific investment advice. This paper is a summary only and is based on information believed to be reliable at the time. No specific representation is given, warranty made or responsibility taken for any individual or group. The material contained in this paper has been prepared without taking into account the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any individual or group. Investors should obtain professional investment advice specific to their circumstances prior to making any investment decisions. This is a general discussion document only.