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Stop falling prey to 'random acts of marketing'!

Ensuring your message is reaching the right audience at the right time in the right places is your key to growth. You could be marketing yourself as a new Uni Grad to potential employers. You might be seeking new patients to help you grow your business. You might be needing to implement more robust way to encourage referrals from your existing patients. Marketing includes how you gener8 new prospective patients as well as how you nurture lifelong relationships with your patients and encourage them to provide word-of-mouth referrals to help you maintain and grow market share. We call the first type of marketing 'External' marketing and the second type 'Internal' marketing. You need to get both types right and be consistent with your activity.

We can help you develop a marketing activity plan that fits your needs and your budget using our comprehensive suite of proprietary tools to support you. Our 'Gener8 Marketing' tools are designed to help you become crystal clear on your competitive advantage and identify the specific marketing channels that will work best for your dental or medical practice. Stop saying 'yes' to one-off tactics and take control of your marketing by creating a proper strategy - you'll save time and money in the long run.

A selection of 'Gener8 Marketing' tools are included in several of our programmes which are meant to be the most robust support packages we can provide - delivering excellent value for money. We aren't advocates of 'one-off' interventions, but we do recognise there are certain situations in which one or two individual tools may be appropriate. Those tools include:



Brand Audit to ensure consistency
Audit messages for relevancy & cut-through
Clarify USP
Brand Improvement Action Plan




Ideal Patient Strategy Guide
Patient Classification Tool
Values Exercise
Create 'Ideal Patient Magnet'




Competitive SWOT analysis
3 'Mystery Shop'calls
ID competitive advantage
Create training tool for team




Understanding Marketing Channels exercise
Identify your SMART marketing goals
Set Marketing Budget
Select your 4 Marketing Pillars




Work with you to identify your 'marketing champion'
Create & customise your M.A.P. (Marketing Activity Plan)
Share resources to help you quickly create good-looking marketing pieces
Teach you how to evaluate your results


Uni Grad
Ready to launch my business
Established less than 8 years
Established more than 8 years