Gener8 Advisory


It's time to take it to the next level.


Gener8 Advisory

Our 'Gener8 Advisory' programme has everything you need to take your entire practice to the next level of impact and success. We've included not only advanced financial support but advanced coaching and advisory tools. This programme leverages 'the power of many'by accessing other proactive medical and dental professionals from around NZ to support each others' growth. We've also included on-site workshops for you and your team with a wide variety of topics available.


Your personal Gener8 Coach
Online strategy planning session with your Coach
Establishing KPIs to help you succeed
Bi-Monthly 'live' accountability meetings with your Coach & peer group
Bi-monthly online accountability calls with your Coach & peer group
Two on-site 1/2-day workshops for you and your team
Capacity & process audit
Unlimited email and phone contact as needed with your Gener8 Coach
Review of your health & safety plan
Exclusive access to our Human Resource specialist
Annual Accounts and GST preparation
Regular financial management reports with commentary


It's time to up your game, and Gener8 Advisory is just the ticket.

Our unique Gener8 Advisory programme is truly next-level. Your dedicated Gener8 team will partner with you to provide support and accountability through regular group coaching sessions as well as customised, on-site team development. The programme is based on the principle of The Power of Many and allows you to learn from your peers from around the country (not around the block), supported by our accomplished team of business and financial coaches. We will create an exclusive environment where a small number of good dental and medical practices will be held accountable to learn and grow so that they become great practices.

What does this look like? Every 90 days, each Gener8 Advisory group meets in-person at a member's physical office (or city) to share successes and challenges and receive world-class coaching and training from our certified coaches at Gener8. The differing experiences, backgrounds and approaches around the table will surpass any business group you may have participated in to date - we guarantee it. Between in-person meetings, we will gather for short accountability webinars as a group where we will check on progress of projects, answer questions, support those who are challenged and celebrate successes together.

What are the objectives of the programme?

  • Identify specific goals you want to accomplish within your practice with associated KPIs (key productivity indicators) - both quantitative and qualitative
  • Regular review of financial performance in order to identify areas that could improve profitability and reduce costs
  • Structured action plan to help you make small, regular improvements
  • Regular accountability to ensure you are making progress

Ultimately, you will experience enhanced business results in many areas over time. Everything in the programme is designed to help you make decisions that will generate the outcomes you need to help you achieve your goals. Long-term relationships will be built and lives will change.

What's in it for me?

When you become part of the Gener8 Advisory 'boardroom' experience, you will gain the reassurance that comes with working to a custom-tailored 'master plan' with associated KPIs to support you and your team. You will gain greater clarity around the big picture by investing in regular time to step away from the ‘day-to-day’ and focus ON your practice as a whole. You will be supported by a dedicated team of accomplished business and financial coaches who are there to support you to implement meaningful change in your practice. Not only will the Gener8 team be in your corner, you'll also have a team of your like-minded peers from around the country to support you, celebrate with you, hold you accountable, ask hard questions and provide honest feedback in the spirit of helping you move forward. Now THAT's the Power of Many!

Gener8 Advisory includes:

  1. Planning Session upon joining via video-conference to identify overall goals and 1st quarterly action plan
  2. 2x customized team training & development sessions - we come to YOU (1/2 day each); choose your topics from our SOLUTIONS area
  3. 4x LIVE accountability and learning sessions with your peer group (1.25 days each) for the purpose of building rapport and relationships and being supported directly by your Gener8 team
  4. 4x ONLINE group accountability sessions to ensure progress, share best practices and to help you get ‘unstuck’ when needed
  5. A review of your Health & Safety plan and recommendations from our Health & Safety specialist
  6. Capacity and process audit from our Dental Practice Manager - part of our extended team
  7. Exclusive access to expert guidance from our Human Resource specialist - part of our extended team
  8. Unlimited, exclusive access to your Gener8 support team (business coach and financial coach/accountant) for private support as needed via phone / email
  9. Online group FORUM where all members can connect, share, and get questions answered (monitored daily by your Gener8 support team)
  10. Accountability Tracking system where you record your KPIs for each quarter and update progress
  11. Preparation of Annual Budget and Cash Flow (*includes 1 office; additional offices incur additional charges)
  12. Quarterly financial coaching input in live group meetings
  13. Preparation of Annual Accounts and GST (*includes 1 office; additional offices incur additional charges)
  14. Proprietary resources and tools – videos, templates, articles and worksheets to support your progress

Investment: $2,550 / mth 


What you can expect of Gener8:

  • 100% confidentiality
  • Bringing all resources at our disposal to the table for the benefit of your practice
  • Being on-time and prepared for all meetings
  • Being available by phone or email between sessions as needed
  • A 'Can-Do' attitude

What Gener8 expects of you:

  • 100% commitment to the process
  • Maintaining your financial commitment
  • Being on-time and prepared for all meetings
  • An open-minded, positive mindset

Each of our programmes contains a blend of SOLUTIONS designed to meet that programme's objectives.


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