About us

We are Gener8 Business & Life Solutions.

We support our clients in NZ dental & medical professions to lead truly fulfilled lives.

"Excellence is what we strive for"

Our NZ team are specialists at tailoring solutions to help medical professionals and their teams to achieve their potential through better business results and sensible life balance. We do this by utilising best-in-class tools and strategies. We combine these with fresh insights and ensure we speak in English, not 'business-ese'. We want each of our clients to lead a truly fulfilled life and become a shining example of just what’s possible so that they, in turn, make a huge difference to their families, their community and to the world we share.

Who are Gener8? Actually, our full name says it all, Gener8 Business & Life Solutions. We serve New Zealand medical and dental practices, and we know the NZ market is unique - we're Kiwis, too. It came to our attention after supporting NZ professional services businesses for over 20 years that there are many roadblocks they all face when it comes to growing their businesses - opening the front door to a steady flow of new patients, retaining more of those patients for the long term, creating engaged teams and maximising profitability. Over time, our team have developed proprietary tools and methodologies to address these roadblocks and help our clients move forward. We are accountants and business advisers, meaning we leverage the strengths of our team members to combine financial savvy with expertise in Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Profit generation and building great Teams. Our solutions are extensive and can help you  grow your medical or dental practice and develop your leadership ability. Gener8 Business & Life Solutions is the 'sister' entity to Gener8 Leadership Solutions and Gener8 Reviewing Solutions. Each entity provides specialised services to our clients.


Craig Yarndley - BMS, CBC, CA


Craig holds the vision for Gener8 and regularly shares this with the team. Over the past several years, he has invested significant money and time developing not only his own skills in the area of leadership but has also encouraged the team to step into new levels of personal leadership and intentional living. As a Chartered Accountant, a John Maxwell Certified Leadership coach and trainer and a Certified Behavioural Consultant using the DISC methodology, Craig brings both a numbers and a people focus to his work with our clients.


Frank Lieshout - BCom, CA

Chartered Accountant

Frank's 25+ years of experience combined with his level-headed and caring nature have supported his success with Gener8's clients. Frank's business knowledge is wide-ranging, and he communicates this in a down-to-earth manner that his clients find easy to understand. Frank is also a Qualified Auditor, which allows him to perform reviews of not-for-profit organisations.

Stuart Yarndley

Business Manager

Stuart's background in the manufacturing sector before coming across to the professional services industry in 2008, gives him a good understanding of processes, and this has supported him to ensure the systems behind the scenes at Gener8 (and clients – where required) tick along smoothly. He is an early adopter and has supported the team to embrace new technologies that allow them to be more efficient and savvy in today's tech-driven world. His attention to detail and 'just do it' attitude will ensure Gener8 stays ahead of the curve.

Jennifer Myers - MBA, CBC

Coach | Trainer

Jennifer's mission is to have a positive impact on as many people as she possibly can. During her time with Gener8, she has lived out this mission by helping to improve the results of over 350 business professionals all over New Zealand. She has a talent for communicating complex ideas in simple terms. Jennifer is a Certified John Maxwell Leadership coach & trainer and a Certified Behavioural Consultant utilising the DISC methodology.

Karen Smith


Karen has been in the accounting profession for 30 plus years and with Gener8 for the past 12 years. She excels at building great working relationships with her clients built on trust and mutual respect. Karen's natural style sees her comfortable 'behind the scenes' and her quick wit brings welcome relief when things get busy in the office.

Charanjit Ghuman


Originally from Punjab, India, Charanjit has been a welcome addition to the team over the past several years. His calm manner and amazing work ethic support him to see jobs through to the end, no matter how complicated. He is an integral part of the 'engine room' at Gener8.

Cathy Coughlan

P.A. to Craig & Stuart

Cathy is a long-standing member of the Gener8 team and specialises in keeping Craig and Stuart organised. She is deeply invested in supporting the entire team to deliver outstanding client service and often goes above and beyond to ensure just that. Cathy's practical nature and ready humour are a great support to the team during busy times.